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The Great Parenting Debates

Kids Driving Lucy Adams Crazy

Looking for an escape? A funny escape? If you want to laugh about life with kids, then try Lucy Adams’ If Mama Don’t Laugh it Ain’t’ Funny . Really, if your kids are driving you crazy it’s very soothing to read about Lucy’s kids driving her crazy!

There’s the day, for example, that mom had the brilliant idea of serving French toast for dinner.

Her daughter’s reaction?

“Is it already morning again?” she asked, befuddled.

Then there’s the time mom was sitting on the toilet reading magazines, “because it’s the only quiet place I can find,” she explained.

“Then why do you have your pants on your ankles?” asked the same inquisitive daughter.

Mom wanted to explain that she’s a multi-tasker, but held that thought.

Learn where babies come from, how “diagra” can stimulate daddies, and what teachers fear most from our little ones, in If Mama Don’t Laugh it Ain’t’ Funny .
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