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Is it wrong to feel proud of your child's achievements?
What the critique of "over-parenting" often misses.

Why TIger Cubs Excel
What Amy Chua doesn't get

Tiger Mothers: Pushy or Perfect?
What Amy Chua Didn't Tell You

Asian-American Parenting and Academic Success
You don't have to be a Tiger Mother to raise kids who excel

Helping Kids Deal with Bullies
Less brief description goes here

Are Parents Too Involved with Their Children?
While being involved in your children’s lives and studies is intuitively (and statistically) smart, some techniques are better than others.

Saying No to Kids in a Yes Culture
Why rules, limits and consequences are good for kids

A Lab School Explores Self-Governance
Less brief description goes here

Pay to Learn Shortchanges Kids
from The Los Angeles Times

Too Much Homework, Too Little Play
from the New York Times . For reprint rights, please contact author at kathyseal@gmail.com.

The Trouble with Talent
Why believing you can increase your intelligence through hard work is better than thinking you have to be born with a high IQ.

Giving People a Clear Sign They're Curbing Global Warming
from the San Diego Union-Tribune
The state of California should create a Web site to give positive feedback to people who reduce their carbon footprint.

Transforming Teaching & Learning Through Technology
At the intersection of 21st century technology and modern educational theory,tremendous changes in teaching and learning are taking place today in schools.

Alternative Pathways to College
The demarcation line between high school and college is beginning to blur as new high schools offer college-level work to seniors and juniors.

The Tales Old Cookbooks Tell
Old cookbooks link me to a long line of mothers and grandmothers who, often unacknowledged, bound their families together with the ritual of food.

The Globalization of My Underwear
Wherein the author discovers the glories of underwear bought round the world.

Riches, Fame and the Pleasures of Sense
Alfred A. Knopf, 1971 (pseudonym, Kathy Black)
A fictional account of one student's life at Barnard College, Columbia University, in the spring of 1968.

Books and Articles

Books and Articles
It's not because of harsh parenting
Books and Articles
The Real Story of Asian-American Parenting
Why Asian-American Parenting Works
Why Limits are Good for Kids
A Better Way to Choose a College
What the research tells us