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Amy Chua's Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Amy Chua's Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

The Overscheduling Myth

Activities keep kids happy and healthy

The Great Parenting Debates

Amy Chua's Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

January 14, 2011

Tags: Battle Hymn, Tiger Mother, Amy Chua, parenting, Chinese, Asian-American parenting

The well-written and witty memoir Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother (one way to market a parenting book in this time of war and political violence)is a mixed bag. Chua thinks parents should hold high expectations and encourage kids to work hard and achieve competence. Yes, hurray for that! But the (more…)

When Your Kid Can't Stand Losing ...

April 7, 2010

Tags: Kids, sports, winning, losing, competition

Here's a really good piece I wish I'd read when my son came home crying after he'd lost a Monopoly game with a neighbor:
Got a Sore Loser?

Are you too involved with your child? Probably not, says research.

April 7, 2010

Tags: involvement, parents, kids, school achievement

Despite media fondness for reports of hyper- and helicopter parenting, most if not all parents are NOT "too involved" with their kids. While some kinds of parental involvement with kids are better than others, say researchers, any kind of involvement is better than none at all.

See my full article at Miller-McCune.com

Kids Driving Lucy Adams Crazy

December 10, 2009

Looking for an escape? A funny escape? If you want to laugh about life with kids, then try Lucy Adamsí If Mama Donít Laugh it Ainítí Funny . Really, if your kids are driving you crazy itís very soothing to read about Lucyís kids driving her crazy!


Are We Wired to be Selfish? Maybe not.

December 8, 2009

Tags: happiness, generosity, empathy, compassion

Are humans wired to be selfish? No,not necessarily: evidence is mounting that shows we humans are are evolving to become more compassionate. One reason is that studies show when you're generous, others respect you more. Other research finds that compassion -- sympathetic emotion from others -- makes you feel happy and relaxed, because it stimulates the (more…)

Shielding our Kids from Pain -- Should You Ever Ignore that Impulse?

November 28, 2009

Tags: parents, parenting, pressure, stress, learning, brain, homework, children

Have you ever had to fight the urge to do your childís homework or complete a project for him? At the recent Learning & the Brain Conference in Cambridge, Mass., my coauthor Wendy Grolnick talked about the natural human urge to shield our young from emotional, social, and psychological pain. When parents face certain pressures, however, that (more…)

What Can Parents Learn from Andre Agassi?

November 16, 2009

Tags: parents, parenting, autonomy, Agassi, Today show, Summer Sanders, tennis

Andre Agassi hated tennis? Thatís the surprise in his new autobiography Open, but the surprise evaporates when you read why: Agassi didnít choose to play tennis. He felt forced to play. His immigrant dad wanted his son to live the American dream, to have the life choices heíd not had himself, (more…)

BULLIES -- Kids and Bosses Lash Out for the Same Reason

October 15, 2009

Tags: bully, bullies, bullying, bosses, kids

Kids who bully do so because they feel weak inside and want to feel strong. (See my story coming out soon in Scouting magazine.) Now a study showing that bosses bully for the same reason:

Bosses who feel inadequate can turn into bullies

By Yasmin Anwar, | 13 October 2009 UC Berkeley News Center

BERKELEY ó Bosses (more…)

Google Not Frying Kids' Brains, says Stanford researcher

October 12, 2009

Tags: student writing

Here's a Stanford News Service summary of a fascinating study by Stanford professor Andrea Lunsford. Kids are writing more today than ever before, she says. Their writing may look very different from that of past generations, but it's rich and complex -- and aimed at influencing the world they live in.

The New Literacy: (more…)

Empathizing is Hard to Do

May 29, 2009

Tags: parenting, autonomy, empathy, point of view, pressured parents, stresssed-out kids

Yesterday while talking to parents at Echo Horizon school in Culver City, Ca. about Pressured Parents, Stressed-out Kids, I mentioned that Iíd found giving my kids empathy difficult --- even though I know empathy helps you take a childís point of view, which strengthens her feelings of autonomy. I guess (more…)

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