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The Great Parenting Debates

Should We Make our Kids Do Certain Activities?

After I spoke to a PTA group recently about Pressured Parents, Stressed-out Kids, a dad approached me. "You say to support kids' autonomy and not pressure them, but when I was a kid my parents took me to the theater twice a year -- even when I said 'Hey I wanna stay home and play  Read More 
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A Way We Can All Take Part in Slowing Global Warming

Today we veer away from parenting our children to taking care of the earth. Here's an article I coauthored for the San Diego Union-Tribune, offering a way for us all to take part in slowing down global warming:
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Sports Gene: a New Way to Pressure Kids

What will they think of next? When it comes to extracting money from worried parents, there's no shortage of business models. Now the so-called "sports gene" test for only $149 is finding a market for one reason only: because we parents are under so much pressure these days to make sure our kids succeed. That's  Read More 
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